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Dudley Schools Citizenship Debate 2019

On Friday 2nd February, Mrs Brown and Mrs Best took four very nervous year 6 children to take part in the Dudley Citizenship Debate at Dudley Council Chambers.

We were up against Christchurch Primary School and the subject of the debate was "This house believes that shops should stop selling drinks in plastic bottles". It was a tough competition, with both sides giving lots of valid arguments. All the children spoke really well and put across their point of view, whilst still maintaining respect for the opposition. After a tense count of the vote, we won!

Councillor Tim Crumpton commented that Queen Vic gave a very detailed speech, and it was interesting that we looked at alternatives to plastic.

We then had the opportunity to watch other schools debate against each other, with a definite theme of saving the planet being prevalent. It was an exciting afternoon out, one where the children learned a lot about what it is like to be a councillor at Dudley, having the opportunity to quiz one of the councillors before the debates began. Well done to the children who came to the competition, as well as the children who attended Debate Club, who helped write the speech and prepare for the big event.

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