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Year Three Greek Day

On Friday 10th May, Year 3 were immersed into an Ancient Greek experience day. We had lots of fun and this stunning start has certainly helped our imaginations go wild!

We learned lots of different facts about the Ancient Greeks including:

 The Greek cities all hated each other, especially Athens and Sparta, but all of the cities believed in the 12 Gods of Olympia.

The Ancient Greeks took part in the Olympic Games every 4 years and were expected to compete naked!

Girls weren't clever enough for school!

We were able to take part in and Ancient Greek Battle between the Athenians and the Spartans, where we learned how to protect ourselves and those on our side.

We also experienced lots of Greek artefacts, including a 'cranoy' ( a special type of helmet), leather armour, heavy metal armour, a 'chiton' ( a type of tunic) and shields.

We had a fantastic day and cannot wait to learn more about the lives of the Ancient Greeks and the influence that they had on today's life.