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Dudley Admission Polices

Applying for Your Child’s Primary School Place 2020/21 

If your child lives in Dudley and was born between 1st September 2015 & 31st August 2016 you need to apply to Dudley Council for a primary school place. Should you live outside the borough you will need to contact the relevant council. Even if your child attends our Nursery you will still need to make an application. 

Places at Queen Victoria are allocated by the Dudley Admissions Service using the Dudley schools admissions criteria. 

Should you require any further information or would like to arrange a viewing, please contact the school office on 01384812553. 

We look forward to welcoming your child in September 2020. 

For admissions please click the Dudley Admission Portal below



All items need to be named.

Winter Wear

  • White shirt or blouse or school yellow polo shirt

  • Grey trousers or skirt

  • Green cardigan, jumper or school sweatshirt

  • School tie.

Summer Wear

  • School yellow polo shirt with grey trousers, shorts or skirt.

  • Green/white checked dress with/without green jumper or cardigan.

    Sensible flat heeled black shoes should be worn as part of the uniform. Children are not allowed to wear trainers to school.

    All uniform can be purchased from Team Sports, 11 Bilston Street, Sedgley DY3 1JA or online at www.myclothing.com


No jewellery is allowed except a watch. Children may wear one pair of small studs, but not dangling or hoop earrings. Children should get ears pierced at the beginning of the Summer holiday in order to prevent infection and missing PE lessons. No jewellery is allowed to be worn during PE activities ; plasters cannot be put over earrings for health and safety reasons.

PE Kit

This should be marked clearly and kept in a suitable bag in school. It can be taken home each half term and end of term for washing.


  • White T-Shirt

  • Blue or black shorts (or leotard)

  • White socks and black pumps

Many indoor lessons are better suited to bare feet and, where desirable, children are encouraged to participate in this way.

Outdoor Games

  • Warm long sleeved tops/track suit. These must be blue or black and plain

  • For safety reasons, training shoes are not allowed for indoor activities but may be worn for outdoor games activities.

    All children must join in PE lessons as it is part of the compulsory curriculum. Please ensure that they have kit in school for every lesson.

Fitness Days

Tracksuit bottoms with a school polo shirt and jumper with plain black trainers can be worn on these days.


No compensation can be made for anything which is lost, stolen or damaged. Parents are advised that children should not bring toys, games, mobile phones or large sums of money into school. It is essential that all clothing is clearly named.  There is a lost property in each year group, which parents have access to when collecting their child.

Children are encouraged to be responsible for their own money.  Children should bring it in a named container/envelope.

Family Support

At Queen Victoria Primary School, we offer practical help and emotional support to families experiencing short or long-term difficulties. We aim to make a positive impact on the lives of children, young people and their families. We aim to provide 1:1 help during school hours with children and young people to build confidence and self-esteem, establish routines and tackle behavioural issues. By improving children’s emotional health and well-being, parents and carers are empowered to feel confident in their parenting.

As well as 1:1 support, we work closely with families, to help them understand the school system, understand their child’s educational needs and develop ways to tackle why a child does not want to attend school. Parents can drop in any school day, between the hours of 8.30am- 9.00am, or 3.30pm-4.00pm. Appointments can be booked to meet with the Family Support Worker on Wednesdays between 1.30pm-3.30pm or Fridays between 1.30pm-3.30pm. These appointments are if you want to discuss concerns in more detail. We offer a friendly, non-judgemental approach, in a relaxed environment. Home visits can be arranged if this is more convenient.

We are able to sign post parents to external agencies for advice on housing, benefits and employment etc. If requested, by either parents or school, we can complete an Early Help Assessment. This is an early assessment and planning tool to facilitate co-ordinated multi-agency support. The Early Help Assessment assesses the strengths and needs of the child and their family. Outcomes and actions are then agreed and put in place, on a formulated plan. Regular meetings will be held, to ensure outcomes are being achieved. These meetings provide valuable opportunities for parents to share their successes or discuss any barriers, which are preventing them from fulfilling outcomes. Your child will be fully involved in this process, as their views are important to us. Children’s perspectives, wishes and feelings will be documented in the form of a narrative and these will be paramount, when providing support. Your child is as important to us as they are to you.

School Meals

All school meals are served on a set meal basis please see link below to the school menu:

Special meals can be made available for any child who has specific dietary requirements.

All children in Reception, Year One and Year Two receive a daily free lunch and we like to encourage every child to take up this option.  In addition to the meal your child can have a drink of milk as well as water being available on tables. There will be no need for your child to bring money into school for lunches.

Children in Years Three, Four, Five and Six - If children purchase a school lunch every day of the week, the cost for the week will be £11.00.  If children wish to stay on certain days only, the cost per day will be £2.30.

Milk and water is available on the dining tables.  There will not be an opportunity to purchase additional drinks.

Dinner money needs to be paid for via ParentPay in advance of meals being taken.  If children are having lunch every day you need to credit your account with £11 by Monday morning.  If children are staying on specific days there needs to be a credit of £2.30 available on that morning to cover the cost of the meal.  If your child has 30 hour wrap care then the charge for lunch is £2 per day.  A full history of payments made and the days that meals have been taken can be viewed on your ParentPay account.

The current system of free school meals for those eligible will continue as it currently operates. Advice about free meals may be obtained by telephoning 01384 814988.   It is extremely important that parents who are entitled to it do apply, as it will benefit each pupil premium child in the resources that the school can provide.  You can also apply by using the link below:


Facilities are available for those children who wish to bring a packed lunch. Please send this in a suitable container which has your child’s name written on it. Cold drinks may also be brought from home, only in an unbreakable container. Canned and fizzy drinks are not allowed. A drink is always available as part of the normal daily practice.

There is a Senior Lunchtime Supervisor in charge of supervision and under her charge are an adequate number of supervisory assistants to help the smooth organisation of lunchtime arrangements.

A “Tuck Shop” provides snacks for Upper School children at morning break-time. They are able to buy healthy snacks.

Crumpets                 25p                             Muffins                     25p

Toast                        25p                             Milk/Bottled water                 20p

Healthy Eating:

We are committed to being a Health Promoting School and are now providing healthy options for the children at break and lunchtime.  The salt, fat and sugar content of foods are monitored by CMC and are within Nutritional Standards. Children are allowed to bring plain, still water into lessons, in a suitable plastic bottle.

Apply online

For a paper copy please come to the school office

Letters Home

Extended Provision

Here at Queen Victoria Primary School we provide a Breakfast Club, Afterschool Club and Holiday Club.

The aim of the sessions is to provide high quality, affordable and flexible childcare to all children aged between 3 and 11 years.

All staff, students and volunteers are fully qualified, experienced and have undergone medical and criminal disclosures.

All staff attends training courses on a regular basis to ensure relevant legislation is adhered to.

Your child’s safety is paramount at all times; therefore, policies and procedures and a variety of security systems are in place throughout the setting.

What happens in our sessions?

We offer a spacious room for all our children, offering a wide variety of structured activities as well as free choice activities.

In Breakfast Club children are provided with a healthy cereal or toast, juice and fresh fruit. Afterschool club children are provided with a drink and a healthy snack.

We aim to offer Holiday Club during school holidays (excluding Christmas). Exciting activities and day trips are provided. This is dependant on numbers.

  • Fully Qualified and Experienced Staff

  • Registered with Childcare Voucher Schemes

  • Tax Credits

  • All sessions are subject to availability

  • For more information, please ask to speak to the school office

Breakfast Club

8:00 - 8:40 (£3.00 per session)

7:30 - 8:40 (£5.00 per session)

Afterschool Club

3:20 - 4:30 (£3.50 per session)

3:20 - 6:00 (£5.50 per session)

Holiday Club

Full Day 8:00-5:30 (£20.00)

AM 8:00-12:45 (£10.00)

PM 12:45-5:30 (£10.00)



Early Years T42 provision:

If your child is approaching 2 they may be eligible to receive 15 hours a week of funded childcare (Time for Twos).

We currently provide morning or afternoon sessions:

Morning         8.40am - 11.40am    

Afternoon      12.25pm - 3.25pm

In order to ascertain whether you are eligible to receive this, you will need to complete a short form which can be accessed by clicking here

If your application is successful, you will be sent an approval letter.  As soon as you receive this you are more than welcome to visit us at any time to be put on our list for our next intake or even arrange a viewing.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01384 812545.

Early Years Extra Time for Threes and Fours Provision


Currently all three year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free childcare from the term after their third birthday. The new entitlement will allow parents to claim an additional 15 hours.

 As with the current 15 hour entitlement, the additional hours will be available to children from the term after their third birthday.

Children born between Will be eligible for a free place from

 1st April – 31st August (inclusive) The start of the autumn term following their 3rd birthday until compulsory school age.

 1st September – 31st December (inclusive) The start of the spring term following their 3rd birthday until compulsory school age

 1st January – 31st March (inclusive) The start of the summer term following their 3rd birthday until compulsory school age.

Those who are not entitled will carry on receiving their current 15 hours provision.

Parents will be able to apply for the additional entitlement through a parent portal on the HMRC website before having their eligibility confirmed and verified through the council.  Parents will then need to revisit the parent portal every three months to verify their eligibility for the 30 hours has not changed. 

The free entitlement is available to children if:

  • Their parent or both parents are working the equivalent of 16 hours per week at least at the national minimum or living wage.

  • Their parent or parents earn less than £100,000 per year each, for dual parent households.

  • The entitlement also extends to those who are self-employed.

  • One or both parents are temporarily away from work on maternity, paternity, parental or adoption leave.

  • One or both parents are temporarily away from work and in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay.

  • One parent is in receipt of benefits relating to caring responsibilities or their own disability.

  • One parent is employed and one parent is disabled or is incapacitated and receiving specific benefits.

Parent means a person with parental responsibility for the child or care of the child in cases where the parent has remarried or is living with a partner, the step-partner or partner must also meet the earnings threshold.

The current entitlement of 15 hours will remain for all parents who are not eligible for 30 hours (570 hours per year over 38 weeks during term time).

 Please follow the link below to apply or check your eligibility.

School Term Dates & Inset Days

Dudley Family Information Service